A vos marques, prêts,…

…partez. Voilà que je me retrouve avec un blog. Terriblement à la page, la Rheta, de nos jours où même les ministres ont leur blog. N’empèche que l’envie m’en tenaillait depuis pas mal de temps, alors pourquoi pas ? Au pire, personne ne le lira. Au mieux ? A voir…

Ceci est le premier article francophone sur ce blog. Il en sera aussi le dernier. Les suivants seront en anglais, car mes amis sur SL Y-K-W sont anglophones dans leur large majorité. C’est pour eux que j’écris. Amateurs de francophonie, ne m’en voulez pas.

Bisous, Rheta

5 thoughts on “A vos marques, prêts,…

  1. Hello Rheta,

    Je ne parle pas français bien.

    Si vous parlez français,
    et peut-être apprends.

    I’d blame babelfish for my poor grammar, but the truth is I’ve forgotten more than I remember.


  2. Hiya Void, welcome aboard the pleasure ship Blogosphere ; buckle your seat belts and carry on smoking as if nothing had happened. But tell me why the hell you did disable comments on your blog ? Now I have to answer on my own instead of saying nicely « Bonjour et bienvenu » on yours 🙂 ? ::bisous::

  3. er, whoops? actually they were enabled, just hidden (which is confusing, I took hidden to mean they were not shown inline, just linked… annoying) thanks for the heads up. guess I should have checked my other blogs settings… =X

    I guess I can return the favor, for some reason IE does not like your main page css, and sends everything off to the left… it’s fine in FF though (if you’d like I’ll check the compatibility. at a guess, I think it’s in how the css is treated at different levels of div, since I had similar issues with my personal site css when originally built)

  4. Well, I just pestered you about it in-world. Ignore me, eh ? As to the CSS (~sighs~) : I’m not self hosted, this is a blog courtesy of WordPress.com, so there is not much I can do about that (even if I understood the first thing about HTML, CSS and whatnot).

  5. I just popped in to check the look with my office Internet Evil, oops, Explorer, and though there is a lot to say against it, problems with the display of the site are not among them (IE 7 running on Windows XP). Everything looks just as it should = as it does in Flock / Firefox.

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