Don’t we bleed white like you ?

Grace McDunnough challenged me to it, and I took up the gauntlet : I downloaded and tried the Dazzle First Look viewer, just to see what I was ranting about up close.

Now, I’m not going to be a Mac fan girl again and complain about the fact it now looks even less native on OS X than it ever did. That is a fate I have made up my mind to bear with dignity. No, in fact, I published an entirely unbiased pictorial review of the interface bling revamp the Lindens are pushing on us. Head to my Flickr stream and read through my comments if you care. And forgive me for going to bed, I have acute snow blindness to cure.

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7 thoughts on “Don’t we bleed white like you ?

  1. Maybe old news, but a smiled when I woke up this morning accidently starting at the back of my copy of ‘Snowcrash’.

    One of the 3 reviews on the back of the book labels the book as ‘Dazzling’ – so I figure thats most likely where they got the name from. Just a FYI :p

  2. @Digado : Ta for that. I have shirked all Snow Crash references simply because I find the Cyberpunk ancestry of LL’s enshrined thinking blindingly obvious, but, besides the Dazzle team really loving snow, I’m not sure to what degree that applies to this specific case. Dazzle is a common English verb and noun, isn’t it ?

    @Grace : I might, without any payment too, but what’s wrong with them ? ::lets her mouse pointer idly hover over the ban button:: 🙂 nah, seriously, tell me why and I promise to think about it. They’re a default I simply never questioned.

  3. @Samantha : ta, but actually, I was aware of that 🙂 I was wondering what is so bad about the « annoying little buggers » ? But if there is a consensus against them, I promise I’ll turn them off de ce pas.

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