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I always am in deep awe of those bloggers (say, Lillie Yifu, or Prokofy Neva) who turn out post after post in one long prolific stream. My own thought processes are so haphazard and incoherent I’m actually rather surprised I eventually manage to publish anything at all, never mind at the break-neck pace some are able to sustain. It’s a bit like watching an old toaster : no matter how long and hard you stare, you’ll always miss the moment it ka-chunks — and most of what it spews out, somewhat ballistically, is charcoal, not toast.

It thus comes as no surprise to me that more often than not, someone else beats me to the punch, putting things into neat words that have been pinging around my head in hapless chaos, making me blurt « yeah, that » when I read their findings.

Dusan Writer has done so tonight, and he has done even better, carrying the thought much further than I would ever have been able to :

But when I look at Second Life You-Know-Where I don’t see a game, and I don’t see a role-playing environment, and I don’t see an e-commerce engine (although to some degree it is all of these) – I see the possibilities for stories. And in these possibilities I am attracted to how Second Life may be a new camp fire around which we weary hunters gather, scratching pictures in the sand with our primitive tools and telling each other of the days we’ve had, and the adventures ahead.

As I owe Dusan an apology for having somewhat misrepresented his stance on Second Life You-Know-Where in my last post, all I will do today is bow deeply to him, and send you over to his post, should you not have been there already : The Story Box: Second Life You-Know-Where & Magic « Dusan Writer’s Metaverse

6 thoughts on “Story Box

  1. Precision, and Clarity… I think the idea of a story engine is very on the mark…. if only I could have seen the forest for the trees…. better more focused minds than mine, Dusan’s and yours both. (PS I’m on hiatus myself, which is why I’m not around, but I hope you are well)

  2. (No need to be in awe of Prok f’heaven’s sake; if you wanna be like him just turn off the filters and let that lovely stream of haphazard and incoherent thought flow directly down onto the page! heehee)

    SL Y-K-W is definitely all about stories. But then RL is also all about stories! So it makes sense…

  3. Rather strange to put Lillie and Prokofy in the same box, I mean within the same brackets…

    When I read Lillie it’s a pleasure, when I read Prokofy it’s…something else…but I no longer read Prokofy anyway, unless I need to sleep!

    And don’t worry if you cannot follow their pace, you are not alone in this case;)

  4. @Sofian : well, I could as easily have included you in that list, talking of prolific — and trilingue at that 🙂

    As to Prokofy Neva : I realise he’s a bête noire to many, and yes, I agree, when he’s really on a rant, he doesn’t exactly make the best of readings — but I find him right on spot too often not to keep on reading him. When I sifted though my RSS backlog last week, I found myself reading and rereading his The Civil Society of Second Life You-Know-Where (Such As It Is). His on the spot reportages of the banking crash were superb. Plus, I have to add he’s been nothing but decent the few times our paths have met, be it on this blog or on Twitter. Anyway, he certainly doesn’t need me to defend him, but I beg to be excused when it comes to Prokofy-bashing.

    Now go and read Dusan’s post, that’s what this post is really about 🙂

  5. Well if Prokofy is the “bête noire” to many, it is because “il le cherche bien!”

    I must admit that sometimes I read some great literature in Second Thoughts, however what I don’t like, and others don’t like either, is that Prokofy is always sure he is right on every topic and that people who do not agree with him is only stupid.

    On the other hand his maniacal stance on griefing is nearing paranoia.

    My feeling is that Prokofy is an asocial an egotist person irl, but maybe I am wrong, it’s only a feeling from what I can see from his behavior.

    But you know that great minds can be mentally disturbed, History is full of such examples.

    Obviously it’s not your case and I compliment you for your balance.

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