Est-ce une révolte ?

Non, Sire, c’est… well, actually, we’re not quite sure.

Following the call by the eminent Ms Gwyneth Llewelyn for a general strike of the gallant fraternity (and sorority) of bloggers against the unbearable tyranny brought upon us by His Majesty’s legal and marketing departments (as documented here, here, and here), this blog will be on strike from today April 15th until April 18th 2008. No post will be available for perusal but those linked here, and none will be added until then.

As a diverting and topically appropriate interlude, we offer a reenactement of M. Hugo’s Les Misérables with a superb contemporary cast, starring Codebastard Redgrave as Jean Valjean (left), Ana Lutetia as Éponine (kneeling on the barricade), Jacek Antonelli as Marius (second from the left), Kit Meredith as Gavroche (right), and Gwyneth Llewelyn as la Liberté (center); also guest starring Catherine Linden as Thénardier, Robin Linden as Javert and Philip Linden as His most gracious Majesty, the King of France.

La Liberté menant le peuple, par Eugène Delacroix

La Liberté menant le peuple, par Eugène Delacroix

Now if I could just think of another song to sing on the barricades but this one:

Ah ça ira, ça ira, les aristocrates à la lanterne…

Post scriptum

it has been brought to our attention that the following blogs are on strike:

We have also been notified that not content with shutting down its entire SL related blogosphere, Portugal also witnesses its bona fide RL press picking up the issue. Ah, felix Portugal

Please do not hesitate to notify us of further developments.

Post Post Scriptum:

The strike has ended, but the story around it has not. Those interested in both its past and future might find this odd beast of a post of interest.

58 thoughts on “Est-ce une révolte ?

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  2. Rheta, you can count me among the striking blogs, for what it’s worth. Luckily on April 14 I just posted my first long article in a month, so I now have nothing more to say anyway.

    I’m generally ready to join in just about any protest, because I’m persuaded beforehand that they’re all justified. Janis Joplin: “I just cheats ’em like I want to, honey – I never cheats ’em like I should.”

    Really we should just all go on using the term Second Life as usual, which is what I’m doing. Can you see them kicking us all off of the grid, lol?

  3. Many thanks for the list. Though I abstain from the strike in the belief that someone needs to be covering the news of this, I support the general principles that la révolution fights for. Allons, allons! Courage, mon braves! Équipez la barricade!

    By the way, Rheta, put me down for the Bishop. If I recall the cast correctly, Gwyneth would be better cut out for Enjolras, the organizer and commander at the barricade. As for the music, that is simple:

    Will you join in our crusade, who will be strong and stand with me?
    Somewhere beyond the barricade, is there a World you long to see?

  4. @Harper: Enjolras came to my mind first indeed, but that was where M. Hugo and M. Delacroix crashed un tantinet, as we say, and I had to deviate somewhat from the novel’s cast of characters 🙂

    @Danton: I have added you to the list of blogs on strike. Ta for the support!

  5. @Harper: Enjolras came to my mind first indeed, but that was where M. Hugo and M. Delacroix crashed un tantinet, as we say, and I had to deviate somewhat from the novel’s cast of characters

    Remember, Rheta, we’re from Second Life. What’s a little thing like gender assignment (grin)? Or even species assignment??

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  7. I am not on strike – but that’s just because I hardly write anything anyway. So it doesn’t make a difference… but I have refrained from mentioning ‘them’ and ’their world’ and I am not planning to change that soon.

    Arise, ye bloggers from your slumber,
    Arise, ye pris’ners of the Lab.
    For reason in revolt now thunders,
    and at last ends the age of cant!
    Away with all your superstitions,
    Servile masses, arise, arise!
    We’ll change henceforth the old tradition,
    And spurn the dust to win the prize!

    So comrades, come rally,
    And the last fight let us face.
    The Internationale,
    Unites the av’tar race.
    So comrades, come rally,
    And the last fight let us face.
    The Internationale,
    Unites the av’tar race.

  8. hmm… I tried to post just now but WordPress wouldn’t let me. Have you been pulling strings there? 😉

    I’ve been infuriated by the Lab in the past (we had Broadly Offensive and the removal of a statue from Burning Life, for example, and we still have age verification…) and didn’t go on strike. So to go on strike now would be a bit lopsided. I am not infuriated – I am amazed.

  9. Laetizia: thanks for another great contribution to our growing stock of rousing songs and poems. By the by, blogging frequency has nothing to do whatsoever with going on strike or not (I wouldn’t be on strike either if it had, believe me) – it’s the gesture that counts. Come on, comrade, join us and let us all fight for a better tomorrow 🙂

  10. @Harper: ah well, but Enjolras simply would never have bared his bosom

    All I can say to that, Rheta, is you got me with my prim pants down.

    So comrades, come rally,
    And the last fight let us face.
    The Internationale,
    Unites the av’tar race.

    Quoting from Victor Hugo and Cam Mackintosh is one thing; but if someone starts up on Marxist polemics, I’m calling the ghost of J. Edgar Hoover (grin).

    Best, all. If there’s a press release, funnel it to me.

  11. @Caterin: grab a gun and get atop that barricade, private, you’re on flag guarding duty!

    @Nuno: indeed 🙂

    @Harper: Edgar J. Hoover? Good idea, I’m sure he can tell us how to dig out enough dirt on the commanders of the approaching columns of King Philip’s army to avoid battle altogether. Get him here by all means!

  12. Salut Rheta.

    Thanks to ‘Liberté’ Manifesto and Petition, the portuguese bloggers naturally expressed their opinions…
    Should I understand it as ‘regional’ revolution from ‘The West Coast of Europe’? 😉

    note. I’m this ‘no name’ guy from ‘discursos do outro mundo’…

  13. Am I exaggerating, when I suggest this song:

    There’s blood on your new foreign shrubs, Squire Linden
    There’s blood on your pointer’s cold feet
    There’s blood on the game that you sell Squire Linden
    And there’s blood on the game that you eat
    You have sold out the labouring man, Squire Linden

    The Bad Squire – by Chumbawamba

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  18. Well, Josh… it was meant to make the Linden stop ignoring the protest against their new trademark policy, and get them to pedal back on some aspects. You could say the results are a mixed blessing. Notice us, yes, they did that, but their reaction was to line up the cannons in front of the barricade.

  19. I’m not so courageous… I pretty much do everything I get told to do in a blog post… if there’s a picture of boobies to lead things off…


    Not sure I should mention it. It’s kinda the “elephant man in the room” so to speak… but, what exactly was this “strike” supposed to accomplish… and did it do it?

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