Alive, barely kicking

I will keep it short.

Maybe some among you have been wondering where I have been — after all, it has been over a month since I last gave a sign of life on this blog. Now, I’m not going to treat you to one of these «  why I did not post lately » posts — the only thing less interesting than a blog that is never updated is a blog that tries to simulate activity with posts on why there is no activity. So, unless you want to follow me on new social media darling Plurk, where the bite size posting and short bouts of inane chatter better accomodate both my current RL schedule and my frame of mind, all I have to offer is an apology.

Or rather, something as an apology.

Without further ado (drum roll on cue), I give you what has kept me away from nearly everything the last two weeks, and up and awake the last two nights straight : Rheta Shan’s entry to Dusan Writer’s Viewer Interface Contest — a contest that, as detailed here and here, is aimed at developing proposals for a newbie friendly revision of the Second Life client UI.

Yes, I thought I ’d better put my hand where my mouth is, seeing I’m on record as a know all on Second life’s interface deficiencies, and as an official Dazzle hater. So, fans of the current viewer — here is your chance to turn the tables and tell me how stupidly impractical, frighteningly ugly and altogether badly designed my proposal is. In fact, I point out many of its weak points on the first and last pages myself, first and foremost among them that I have no talent whatsoever as a graphics designer, and that the whole thing is a lost twin brother to a Swiss cheese, as it has as many holes as it has substance (time, and the lack thereof, being the issue here).

But this sounds like I’m apologising. I am not, even if the entry itself starts with two apologies. In fact, and although I am certain my proposal will at best fare moderately well against what the many brilliant minds of Second Life will contribute to the contest, I am still happy enough with it to want to show it around.

Here it is.

[Update : To my great surprise, I made it into the final selection, among such illustrious names as Jacek Antonelli, Damien Fate, McCabe Maxsted and Rick van der Wal (aka Digado / Roy Cassini). I presume the rather low number of entries Dusan mentioned in a short exchange we had accounts for this, but I still feel oddly proud. And I want to express my heartfelt congratulations to all my co-finalists !

Further update : It seems the finalists will have a chance to present their entries to the judges before they decide on the results of the contest — go to Dusan Writer’s blog for an announcement of the panel. I am very grateful to Dusan, who has been an absolute sweetheart trying to afford me the opportunity to do so, too, despite my stupid RL schedule restrictions. Ta, Dusan, and apologies to your judges I have had jumping through hoops. Don’t hate me too much, please.]

8 thoughts on “Alive, barely kicking

  1. Wow Rheta… I just read your design proposal, and honestly, I wish I hadn’t. Because now I’m positively ACHING to use it! And i don’t think its just because I’m a fellow OSX lover – the interface is positively dreamy, and more importantly, positively PURPOSEFUL. Well done, very well done, and i wish you the best of luck.

    Drop me a line sometime… I’m trying to find other mac users inworld, as a source of info – or at least a shoulder to cry on. And better, I’m always looking for more cool friends:)


  2. Night, that is very sweet of you. I just tried to outline something that made sense, and felt myself sliding towards the kind of out-of-my-face manner OS X exposes even complex applications easily… ta for the good wishes, but honestly, I don’t think I really do compete with my entry. It’s far too derivative and, most importantly, it misses the point of the contest : creating a dummied down newbie viewer 🙂

    So why did I do an entry at all : clear minded Void has put her finger on it, I think — as she so often does. You’re missed, Void.

  3. No need to miss me, just practice till your aim gets better 😉

    seriously though, hope to be back sooner rather than later to bounce ideas back and forth… and hey, stop minimizing your contributions… or else =)

  4. Well, for what it’s worth, I liked your entry the most out of the possibilities on offer by quite a substantial margin. My opinion may not reflect what’s best for newbie-friendliness (not having had any trouble with the existing viewer when it arrived makes me a poor judge of that, I fear) – but both from the point of view as a software guy in 1L who does interfaces, and as someone who just plain likes the design, I want to use it.

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