And another kick…

…proving I’m still alive, albeit barely. Well, to the blogosphere, that is. Anyway, here goes :

Thanks to Dusan Writer’s and his judges’ incredible sweetness in accommodating my RL schedule constraints, I will have the opportunity to present my entry to his Second Life UI Design Contest this Sunday, June 27th, at 4 p.m. SLT on Dusan’s sim. Although this is not a publicized event, it is open to the public, and I for one would welcome anybody interested enough to watch.

As to the rest,well, all I can say is :

Our programme will resume as soon as RL allows.

[Update : well, I went, saw, and bored everybody out of their minds with an erratic, decidedly too long presentation. Still, everybody was very sweet, or I would probably have crumbled into a nervous wreck (or more of a nervous wreck than I was already, actually). Ta an awful lot for being so supportive and accommodating, all of you !

The results of the contest will be announced in the opening segment of the next Metanomics show, if I understood a recent communication by Dusan correctly. I’m having a little wager with myself on the results (don’t ask : I won’t be sharing what I bet on, beyond letting on that it is definitely not myself winning 🙂 ). I will be very interested to see how close my guess came to the actual decision by the judges.]

3 thoughts on “And another kick…

  1. Yes, Rheta, you read correctly. 🙂 Metanomics has slotted the opening segment for an announcement of the winner and a quick snap shot of each entry. real kudos to the efforts of everyone I think it’s a wonderful way of sharing with a wider audience.

    Will you let us know after what your bet was? 🙂

  2. Of course, Dusan, I’ll do so (more or less gladly depending on how good a garden variety Pythia I turn out to be, but I will). Oh, and I took Night Morrisey as my witness by communicating her the bet in a private plurk, so you will know I am not fibbing :-).

  3. Well, for anyone still interested, my performance as an oracle is mixed. My guess (which Night Morrisey can vouchsafe for, see above comment) was : Digado and Jacek first and second (not necessarily in that order), any other contestant, me included, third. Hmm. I’ll try to get away with this one with « two out of three isn’t bad ».

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