This blog is an entirely personal rendering of my Second Life experience. It does not pretend, or endeavour, to render anything but my personal opinions and impressions as a citizen of the metaverse.

For the record, I am not affiliated with or sponsored by Linden Research, or any other entity or company mentioned herein, unless expressly stated in a post. Beyond this statement, this blog neither does endorse nor observe the trademark policy imposed by Linden Research on Second Life residents.

Find me here :

  • In Second Life.
  • On Plurk, where I lurk reglarly (join and befriend me there).
  • On Twitter too, if you must, though I rarely check in there.
  • On Google Reader, where you will find my shared reading list.
  • On delicious.com and Evernote, where I compile a rather haphazard library of metaverse and digital age (but mostly Second Life related) sites and reference materials.
  • On Flickr, where I document my virtual life when time allows (which is far less often than I would like to).